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KK-Nano 2022 - abstrakt Francesco Buatier de Mongeot

Wystąpienie ustne Francesco Buatier de Mongeot (NEF-Sr)

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Francesco Buatier de Mongeot

Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Genova, Via Dodecaneso 33, 16146 Genova, Italy

Large-area nanoscale patterning of optical interfaces represents a key issue for developing real-world nanophotonic devices with tunable response from the visible to the IR range. Our recent results demonstrate that ion beam induced wrinkling [1] is a viable tool for obtaining self-organised restructuring on a broad portfolio of optical interfaces which range from dielectrics to flexible polymers [2]. The process is scalable to the industrial level and enables the fabrication of hybrid plasmonic/dielectric arrays in a single maskless step, enabling nanophotonic applications ranging from high sensitivity IR sensing [3] to colour-routing in the visible range [4].

In a second nanopatterning approach we employ laser intereference lithography combined with physical deposition, to reshape ultrathin 2-dimensional TMD semiconductor films (MoS2) forming large-area nanostripe and nanoripple arrays [5]. Light collection in such ultrathin regime represents a critical issue which we address recurring to flat-optic approaches for steering light flow parallel to the active MoS2 layers: light absorption is boosted exploiting photonic and guided mode anomalies supported by the periodically nanotextured 2D-TMD film [6,7].

These results are promising for optimizing a broad range of light harvesting applications like e.g. in seminal water remediation experiments. The light harvesting performance of both plasmonic and 2D platforms is assessed by monitoring the photobleaching of highly polluting methylene blue molecules [8].

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