Abstract Submission

Format of the abstract:
- Maximum of 1 A4 page, font size "Times New Roman", all margins 2.5 cm each (top and bottom and left and right);
- Title of the abstract centered and in bold, font size 14 points, interline 1;

- Below the list of Authors: first and last names (underlined name of the author presenting the paper)
- font size 12, bold and centered, interline 1, separated from the title and affiliation by one blank line;
- In a new line, the name and address of the institution, centered, italic - font size 12, interlineation 1, separated from the authors and the content of the abstract by one blank line;
- Abstract text - font size 12 pt, 1.5 line spacing, alignment to both margins, paragraph indentation 0.5 cm;
- Possible bibliographic items under the text numbered in square brackets, 10 pt font, 1 line spacing, separated from the text by one blank line;
- Please do not number the pages and do not use additional formatting elements.

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the only acceptable file format is pdf. Please name the file as abstract_INITIALS.pdf

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