Invited speakers

Mehmet Baykara, University of California, Merced

       New avenues in structural superlubricity: Contact aging and friction switches

Gianaurelio Cuniberti, Technical University Dresden

       Mens agitat molem: The age of intelligent materials

Juan Mazo, Complutense University of Madrid

       'Plowing induced ripple formation in compliant materials

Ernst Meyer, University of Basel

       Polymeric wires and 2d molecular networks studied by scanning probe microscopy

Andre Schirmeisen, Justus Liebig University Giessen

       Bottom-up construction of molecular nano-architectures by atomic force microscopy

Christian Teichert, University of Leoben

       AFM based manipulation of two-dimensional materials and organic nanocrystals thereon

Nicola Manini, University of Milan

       Lubricity in hard and soft matter contacts

Astrid S. de Wijn, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

       Stretching and breaking of polymeric nanofibres

Guilherme Vilhena, Autonomous University of Madrid

       Nanomanipulation and dynamics of single molecules at surfaces